Definetly best bread in China since 2011

In 2010, we come to China with kids and found devastating fact that decent bread can be hard to find in China. Local chain bakeries churn out sickly-sweet loaves, and even imported goods aisles in big supermarkets, offer little but primal baguettes or tasteless toast.

If you want something done right — do it yourself! How true this famous saying is. We started our family Bakery in China because we know that no one can do it the way we can! In December 2010 we opened our first bakery; thus far the only bakery-café in Jinhua, south-west of Shanghai. We started with a few items and now we make more than fifty types of bread, cakes, cookies and muffins. We launched an online-shop on taobao base in August 2012. Delivery to Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang is usually takes one night only. Our delicious fresh baked goods immediately shipped after baking or at the latest by the next day.

Aside from an array of delicious loaves, including flaxseed bread, rye sourdough bread, there is a selection of gorgeous pastries, cakes and muffins, along with scones to take out or eat in. What would be more appealing than to imbibe the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread and dough-cakes and to enjoy them with a thin crispy crust! In China it's not easy, because the Chinese do not typically eat bread. However, they've never had our bread!


Our baked goods, rolls and bread made to order and not massed produced, so you are assured of getting the homemade taste you expect from a small family bakery who put their hearts into their baked creations. There are no secrets needed, we only use the best natural raw ingredients — imported flour and butter, fresh fruit, very chocolate and cheese. Our products do not contain any chemicals or flavor enhancers or preservatives. We bring you the best recipes from around the world and we are continually growing our range of choices of the most flavorful baked goods available anywhere.


Welcome to try!