Definetly best bread in China since 2011



Rich aroma, delicious cookies. Italian biscotti, oatmeal cookies very popular in Russia, moderately sweet coffee cookies — perfectly with a cup of morning coffee, lemon biscuits, chocolate... it's all there in our web-store. Cookies have a long shelf life and we can send it to any city in China.



Made from the finest butter, our buns and Danish all have more than 100 dough layers. The fluffy texture and full taste make them especially sought-after for breakfast or afternoon tea. Donut, muffin and a range of other pastries further complement our series of baker's best pastries.


In addition to the bread we bake a lot of sweet rolls and buns. Gorgeous dessert bread, including made from rye flour. All these products are completely different from the Chinese bread and desserts.


And there's more... Home-made natural yogurt, grandma-style cookies and one of the best coffees in town. Please visit one of our stores to find out more...