Definetly best bread in China since 2011

Bread Culture


Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods. Some technology did not change for ages and we make bread the way it’s been done for thousands of years. There is no secret actually: combine the finest natural ingredients imported from all over the world to handcraft a series of artisan breads.


Bread in Russia


Bread in Russia — the traditional food, and more than just food. Guide published in the Soviet Union in 1940, includes 350 varieties of wheat and rye bread. Maybe only Germany has more. Russian, German and Finland bread is in particular famous for its rye flour, multi-grain and sourdough breads which make the daily consumption a very healthy. Bread can be eaten multiple times a day, at all major meals or, even instead of.


Mostly, we bake Russian bread according high quality Soviet standards (known as "GOST") approved in the last century. These standards do not allow using of any chemical additives or preservatives and was developed to feed biggest country in the world, but not for profit.


However, we also have French, Armenian and Italian bread: baguettes, panini, hamburger buns, more than a dozen types at the moment. And we stood for expanding the range of production. We bake good bread. Really good. You can find in our web store...